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Program Formats*

Numerically rank the formats you would accept for this presentation, with 1 indicating the format you feel most appropriate. The committee may assign a different format to assure a balanced program. Not all regions accept every format.
  If requesting a Preconference Workshop select recommended length.

  • A 2, 3, or 4- hour workshop designed to feature specialized topics in the advising profession. These should be highly participatory sessions that cannot be effectively addressed in another format. Session participation is limited to maximize the opportunity for interaction.
  • A limited number of preconference workshop proposals will be accepted. All preconference workshop presenters must be paid NACADA members at the time of the conference
  • To submit a proposal for a preconference workshop, in addition to the regular instructions, type "Preconference Workshop Proposal" in the first line of your abstract, regardless of its ranked format.
  • Preconference workshop presenters are not eligible for a waiver of registration fees in any region.

Prior Experience*

Presentations on new topics or by new presenters are encouraged. This information will not be used as proposal evaluation criteria for acceptance.
Have you made this presentation before? If so, list date and event(s). No Yes
Have you presented on any other topic before? If so, list up to ten dates and events. No Yes

Program Topic Tracks*

Rank, in order, up to two(2) subject areas that apply to the content of your presentation.

Track 1:
Track 2:

Audiovisual Request

Due to the high costs of Audio-visual equipment, please consider carefully the most efficient presentation methods. Check ONLY specific equipment needed. In all cases, computers are the presenter's responsibility. Program Committee will determine availability. Do not request equipment for which you do not have training to use.
None - Do NOT check this box if you are checking any other AV box
I will bring the following equipment and am willing to share it with another presenter

Screen Only (will bring my own LCD projector)
Internet Access (Special permission must be obtained and there may be an extra cost to the presenter for this access.)
LCD projector/Screen (there may be an extra cost to the presenter for this equipment. Computers are not provided.)

Commercial Presentation Policy*

Proposals from representatives who do not represent higher education institutions will be reviewed separately. Sessions are not to be used by individuals for marketing or selling products or consulting or other services. This policy does not prevent product users from referring to specific commercial products nor does it prevent user roundtable discussions regarding specific products.  Submission of this proposal signifies my agreement to abide by the NACADA Commercial Policy.
I and ALL my co-presenters represent a higher education institution.
I or any of my co-presenters do NOT represent a higher education institution.
I will be referring to/or promoting commercial products from which I or my institution may gain monetarily.

Presentation Proposal*

Type or paste in your presentation proposal. Include the complete title of the presentation, but do not include your name in this proposal. The proposal should state the presentation's objectives and clearly describe how objectives will be met (materials, methods, activities, etc.).


130 Word Abstract*

This abstract will be published in the printed program should your proposal be accepted. Therefore, it should accurately describe your presentation. Conference participants use session abstracts to determine which sessions to attend; therefore, it should accurately describe the content and focus of your proposed session. Well-written abstracts have a greater probability of being selected.

Include the complete title of the presentation, but do not include your name.

  • Do not use bullets, italicize, bold or underline for emphasis- the format is not retained after online submission.
  • Enclose cited publications in quotation marks. PLEASE proofread your abstract.
  • The 130- word limit includes the presentation's title. Abstracts exceeding the 130- word limit will not be accepted.
  • Abtracts of accepted presentations may be edited by the program committee.


If your presentation is selected:*

  1. All of the presenters listed must register and pay the appropriate fee.
  2. Presenters must be available to present on any day of the conference.
  3. All of the presenters listed attest that all conference presentations and materials are their original work; and/or that they will obtain permission to use any materials that are not their original work and correctly cite the original source(s).
I understand and agree to these requirements.

Please Read Before You Submit

Once you submit your proposal, you will see a "Presentation Proposal has been Submitted!" confirmation page indicating that your proposal has been successfully submitted. Please be patient during processing - it may take a few moments.

A confirmation containing the link to your submission details will be automatically sent to you and your co-presenters via email following your successful submission. The subject line will read: "Confirmation for NACADA Presentation Proposal" followed by the assigned code. If you do not receive an email confirmation, email Please notify us if you don't get the email confirmation within one day of submission.

If you need to make a change to an application you have already submitted, email AND your Region Conference Program Chair. DO NOT re-submit the same application if you need to make a change.

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