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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: D043(LEC)
Title: How to Achieve Over a 90% First Year Retention Rate and Improve Graduation Rates
Lead Presenter: Mary Goodwin
Date: On-Demand
Room: On Demand
Abstract: Universities are focusing extensively on how to retain students. First year students encounter much stress as they navigate living away from home, separating from their parents, and encountering a rigorous curriculum. Attachment theory has become the foremost theory in understanding affect regulation especially under stress. Taking into account attachment theory, the required first year seminars (led by advisors) were redesigned to have a greater impact on at-risk students. In addition, the course-based learning teams were significantly expanded to allow for more participation and support for students. Empathetic advising and communications were interwoven throughout these programs. The College achieved a 91.3% retention rate for the 2015 cohort for the first time in its history and achieved 94% with its 2017 cohort.
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