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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: C8.1(LEC)
Title: Linking Power and Barriers on Campus
Lead Presenter: Rolicia Martin
Date: October 08, 2020    Time: 1:10 pm - 1:55 pm
Room: Live
Abstract: College students, particularly freshmen and sophomores, are at increased risk for sexual assault during the first months of the academic year (August-November) than at any other time during the year, a period known as the 'Red Zone.' Rates of help-seeking after an assault in this population are low, and often, these students make substantial changes in their lives as a result of the assault, including college withdrawal, changing majors, and dropping classes. As faculty and staff, how are we erecting barriers to help-seeking for our students after an assault? How do we begin to tear down the obstacles to ensure timely and effective support? To answer these questions, join me for an engaging interactive simulation and discussion highlighting six student-survivors with intersecting identities.
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