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Presentation Proposal - NACADA Annual Conference
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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: D097(LEC)
Title: Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Strength Building for First-Generation College Students
Lead Presenter: Rebecca Woskoff
Date: On-Demand
Room: On Demand
Abstract: Coaching through the lens of strengths can transform the first-generation college student experience by empowering students to discover their talents in a world that often focuses on their weaknesses. Through this session, we will examine a coaching approach to guide first-generation students towards empowerment and pride in their identities and talents. We will discuss college-specific initiatives at our University, that have helped first-generation students develop an asset-building mindset, and explore strengths-based support strategies that can be implemented at your institution. Utilization of this strengths-based approach will be the first step towards supporting the exploration of first-generation college students as they begin to leverage their talents within the college arena to overcome challenges, and ultimately thrive at the institution.
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