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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: D020(LEC)
Title: Development of a Standardized Interview Protocol for Admission to a Teacher Education Program
Lead Presenter: Brandon Bush
Date: On-Demand
Room: On Demand
Abstract: Teacher education programs (TEPs) must establish admission processes that increase the TEP's likelihood of identifying applicants who have the potential to be effective classroom teachers. This presentation describes how a university-based TEP developed an interview protocol, administration procedures, and scoring rubric for evaluating a candidate's potential as a teacher prior to admission to the TEP. This TEP's interview protocol provides a method of collecting data from multiple sources while avoiding the shortcomings of singularly focused evaluation systems. The interview protocol and scoring rubric align with state and local professional standards. Findings from the initial implementation of the interview protocol support the viability of the protocol as an effective screening measure for admission purposes.
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CD020-H01.pdf --- PDF handouts of presentation

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