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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: D078(LEC)
Title: Redirect: Preparing and Retaining Students Applying for Competitive Programs
Lead Presenter: Greg Anderson
Date: On-Demand
Room: On Demand
Abstract: Often, 2 year community college students are unprepared for the rigor, structure, and application preparation required for competitive allied health programs. Unfortunately, this can lead to unnecessary coursework, additional time to degree completion, and complete withdrawal from the college.

At Tulsa Community College our Academic Advising and Career Services departments partners with Allied Health leadership to provide a wrap-around approach to ensure students are oriented to their intended program early, receive early alerts if they are below admission thresholds while completing prerequisites, and are redirected if they are not accepted into the program of their choice. These strategies can be applied and adapted for any institution with competitive programs.

Early data indicate that wrap-around student support from the point of college application through the allied health application process better prepares students to apply, ensures that they are competitive, and creates multiple pathways for students that are not accepted.
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C586-H01.pdf --- Sources C586-H02.pptx --- Powerpoint presentation of the Redirect project C586-H03.pdf --- Data Addendum
C586-H04.jpg --- One of our presenters, Greg Anderson

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