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Presentation Proposal - NACADA Annual Conference
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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: D012(LEC)
Title: Color Me a Major!
Lead Presenter: Alicia Apperson
Date: On-Demand
Room: On Demand
Abstract: Meta Majors are all the rage - yet this concept can still be confusing to incoming freshmen. Find out how the academic advising & career services units at our University utilized Holland's RIASEC model to create Interest Area Colors. Based on colors chosen, students could opt for General Education/Exploratory courses within their broad interest areas. In addition, students were given lists of student clubs and organizations which matched their color/interest areas. The staff then carried this theme into our major exploration event, Eagle Expo, where students could explore academic majors which aligned with their color/interest areas. Students and parents really appreciated the personalized information and academic departments loved the renewed attention from students who may not have given them a second look in the past!
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C608-H01.pdf --- 608-Color Me a Major Ranking Sheet C608-H02.pdf --- 608-Color Me a Major Interest Sheets C608-H03.pdf --- 608-Presenter Image - Sarah Kersey Otto
C608-H04.jpg --- 608-Presenter Image - Alicia Apperson

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