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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: 505(PO)
Title: Bridging the Gap: Experiences of STEM Students With Pre- and Post-Transfer Academic Advising
Lead Presenter: Yi Zhang
Date: October 07, 2020    Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am
Room: Poster
Abstract: This proposed study focuses on community college transfer students who have successfully transferred to a STEM degree program at a large 4-year research university. Through face-to-face interviews, the researchers explored transfer students' pre- and post-transfer experiences with academic advising and investigate factors that promote and/or hinder their transfer process. The preliminary findings highlight three themes: 1) lack of preparation for STEM transfer pathways, 2) lack of communication between community college and 4-year academic advisors, and 3) difficulties of building relationships with academic advisors. The findings of the study could provide meaningful insights for researchers, educators, and administrators in both community colleges and 4-year institutions regarding academic advising experiences of transfer students who pursue a STEM degree.
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PO807-H01.pdf --- bridging the gap

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