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Presentation Proposal - NACADA Annual Conference
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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: D051(LEC)
Title: Managing Across Generations, From Boomers to Gen Z
Lead Presenter: Elizabeth Kalinowski Ohrt
Date: On-Demand
Room: On Demand
Abstract: Many of us find ourselves working with teams that cross several distinct generations, from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers, Millennials to Gen Z. While it is not the intention of this presentation to suggest that all people in these age ranges are the same, understanding shared and unshared experiences and how they influence the way we work together can be beneficial. This presentation will explore the key similarities and differences between generations, identify strengths of multi-generational teams, and provide examples of leveraging differences to address common challenges e lack of resources, implementing new technologies, increasingly diverse student bodies, etc. As advising leaders, this session will provide tangible strategies for managing and communicating with multi-generational teams. Opportunities will be available for idea-sharing and the exchange of best practices.
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C817-H01.pdf --- 817 PowerPoint Slides, Multigenerational Teams, Contact Info, References

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