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Conference Year: 2020
Session #: P13(PRE-3)
Title: Coaching to Complete: Utilizing Academic Life Coaching Skills to Impact Student Persistence
Lead Presenter: Kathleen Smith
Date: October 05, 2020    Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Room: Preconference Workshop
Abstract: The advising community at the University has selected Academic Life Coaching as our framework for student success, an approach that is directly connected to institutional retention efforts. Since 2016, 70 campus professionals, including over 50+ advisors, have become certified life coaches through a university-sponsored program. Over 1000 students are currently receiving regularly scheduled life coaching sessions. This initiative has created meaningful collaborations across the institution by providing an integrated approach to empowering our students to thrive. This interactive session will include an academic presentation that makes a scholarly case for coaching as a retention tool, followed by a live coaching demonstration and an introduction to the four-part ION coaching model. Four essential life coaching skills will be introduced: 1) Building Trust, 2) Level 2 Listening, 3) Powerful Questions, and 4) Well-Designed Actions. Built into each skill segment, there will be opportunities to practice, collaborate and debrief as a group. An overview of a Coaching to Complete Model, authored by advising professionals in the program, will be introduced and participants will be invited to share how 8 critical Persistence Themes (Major to Career Design, Study Systems, Financial Confidence, Health and Resiliency, Identity and Inclusion, Support Networks, Competing Responsibilities, and Motivation and Goal Achievement) impact their students' journeys to success and degree completion. This workshop will conclude with a reflective exercise where participants will be encouraged to design a plan for incorporating coaching into their advising practices.
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