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Presentation Proposal - NACADA Annual Conference
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Conference Year: 2021
Session #: 289(LEC)
Title: Bridging the Gap to Study Abroad: Multidisciplinary Advising Approaches
Lead Presenter: Joel Waters
Date: October 09, 2021    Time: 9:15 am - 10:15 am
Room: 206, DECC
Abstract: Academic advising can often exclude enriching experiences like studying abroad to fit more urgent logistical topics, like academic success or graduating on time. Yet research describes the numerous student benefits of international education - from increasing graduation rates to expanding cultural awareness. Within a large public institution, advisers in both Biology and Business have worked to integrate international education into their advising, all while keeping students on the path toward graduation and their career goals. In this session, you will learn ways to advise students about study abroad programs that are easy to incorporate and will benefit students for years to come. Discover the many ways advisers can help every student connect to a study abroad opportunity (in-person or virtual) that fits their goals - even among concerns of COVID, capstones, and careers!
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C145-H01.pdf --- Bridging the Gap PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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