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Presentation Proposal - NACADA Annual Conference
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Conference Year: 2021
Session #: 259(LEC)
Title: Using "Tools of the Trade" From Faculty Advisors' Disciplines to Support Advising Development
Lead Presenter: Elizabeth Twiton
Date: October 08, 2021    Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Room: 262, DECC
Abstract: Academic advising is widely touted as essential to retention and student success. Faculty members have advising responsibilities at most colleges and universities, but typically receive little preparation for advising through graduate education. Advising training for newly hired faculty members is often limited.

A qualitative study explored the experiences of faculty members in developing academic advising knowledge and competencies using the 'National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Academic Advising Core Competencies Model (NACADA, 2017)' as a conceptual framework. Study participants described learning advising skills and approaches by doing, primarily using 'tools of the trade' based on their disciplinary perspectives.

This presentation will review study findings and provide opportunities for small group discussion focusing on developing strategies for supporting and improving faculty advising.
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