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Presentation Proposal - NACADA Annual Conference
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Conference Year: 2021
Session #: 315(LEC)
Title: HOT TOPIC: Virtual Onboarding and Training of Academic Advisors
Lead Presenter: Amber Bollinger
Date: October 09, 2021    Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Room: 200, DECC
Abstract: Remote work has become the norm for many in Academic Advising and will continue to be a reality in the future. On-boarding and training of academic advisors during remote times is a large shift for many institutions that rely on job shadowing and traditional in person methods for training. This Hot Topic session will facilitate conversations among those who are responsible for or interested in onboarding academic advisors in remote environments. Come and share your successes, failures, tips, and tricks and hopefully take a few ideas back to your institution to implement.
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