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Presentation Proposal - NACADA Annual Conference
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Conference Year: 2021
Session #: 108(LEC)
Title: Yes, and...: Everything I Know About Collaboration, I Learned by Playing Jazz
Lead Presenter: Art Esposito
Date: October 07, 2021    Time: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
Room: Zoom Room 4
Abstract: For nearly two decades, professional development providers like Second City Works have used theater improvisation techniques to teach the business world how to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Whether stated outright or implied by a similar response, 'Yes, and...' is the required response from everyone involved in an act of collaborative creation like theater improv, jazz, or even on committees and working with advisees. Attendees will learn how approaches like postponing judgement, critically listening, co-creating, and failing up can prevent stalled projects and abandoned initiatives. The session will not only introduce 'Yes, and...' approaches, but also focus on how to use these skills to bring colleagues from 'no' to 'yes,' whether working on committees, in staff meetings, or with students.
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