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Presentation Proposal - NACADA Annual Conference
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Conference Year: 2021
Session #: 004(AC)
Title: Advising Community Meeting: Small Colleges and Universities Advising Community
Lead Presenter: Wiona Porath
Date: October 07, 2021    Time: 9:15 am - 10:15 am
Room: 211, DECC
Abstract: Advisors at small colleges and universities face unique challenges and opportunities. They are often the only person on their campus who 'do what they do' and 'what they do' often includes multiple hats and responsibilities. The Community of Small Colleges and Universities provides a space for members, who may be the only representative of advising at their home institution or are from small advising departments, to gather and share views, resources and network. Our Community has over 500 diverse members with a lot of support and knowledge to share! Please come and reconnect with old friends, introduce yourself to new ones, and take time to connect with your fellow small colleges and universities colleagues.
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