NACADA International Conference: Melbourne Australia - June 2015

Presentation Information

Conference Year:2015
Session #:(P)
Title:A Delicate Balance: Academic Advising in the Age of Customer Service
Lead Presenter:Michael Tyler
Date: June 26, 2015    Time: 11.45 - 12.45
Abstract:As student retention becomes an ever-increasing priority for universities world-wide, Academic Advisors are assuming more and more responsibility in improving retention rates. With ubiquitous focus on student assistance and satisfaction, Advisors are being called on to act in both academic and customer-service capacities. While these two focuses can initially seem at odds with each other, academic advising and customer-service skills can be synthesized to work as one. This presentation will overview the changes advising has faced as retention rates have become a major priority in higher education and also highlight advising techniques used at Walden University, an on-line, for-profit school with students based all over the world.

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50-H01.pptxPowerPoint Presentation for A Delicate Balance - Tyler and Kvam
50-H02.docxResources and References for A Delicate Balance - Tyler and Kvam

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