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Interactive Annual Conference Personal Schedule Planner
Conference Year = 2023

Get a head start on identifying the concurrent sessions you don't want to miss at the conference -- try the Interactive Schedule Planner
  • Be sure to follow conference updates for any last-minute schedule changes.
  • Poster Sessions are highlighted in light purple.
  • Areas highlighted in green are other NACADA activities you may wish to include in your schedule. Feel free to include these in your selection of events to attend.
  • Other colors (grey, blue, blue/grey and white) are used to easily denote different hours in the schedule.
  • Note: Session locations designated as "Virtual" will be virtual via Zoom and are highlighted in yellow.
  • This tool is meant for planning purposes only. Adding a session to your personal schedule is not a form of registration nor does it guarantee you a seat in a session. Any session that has a pre-registration or fee requirement must be pre-registered. We advise you to arrive early to all sessions as seating is limited.
All times are shown in the time zone of the conference location. To assist with converting the schedule to your local time, a time zone converter is linked here.

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