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Conference Year: 2022
Session #: P07(PRE-3)
Title: The Impact of Racial and Ethnic Identity Development on Academic Advising Practice
Lead Presenter: Quentin Alexander
Date: October 23, 2022    Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Room: A107-109, OCC
Abstract: The aim of this pre-conference workshop is to discuss and understand the intersection of racial and ethnic identity development and its implication for and application to the practice of academic advising. Racial and ethnic identity development models have been researched and developed by various scholars to explain the identity experiences of individuals and how these experiences occur along a continuum in both a linear and non-linear way. By allowing advisors to understand and explore their racial and ethnic identity development they may understand how such development might impact their advising practices. Attendees will learn to recognize patterns in their advising practices where personal values around their racial and ethnic identity development might unintentionally influence the manner by which they advise students. This is a highly participatory workshop that involves self-work and self-reflection. Active participation is critical to the goals of this workshop.
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